About A Fairer Society

What is A Fairer Society?

In a fairer society, everyone has plenty of what they need, has a say in the things that matter to them, and we help the Earth more than we hurt it.

Take ownership of the things that matter to you (housing, food, energy, transport, business, local politics) and run them in collaborative ways.

Work with us to build a fairer society!

Better Places to Live

Imagine a home in a community that you co-design; quality relationships with new neighbours; improved environmental impact; great quality of life without paying more than you would for an ordinary house. Does that sound appealing?

Our campaign for Better Places to Live facilitates this lifestyle, and it’s one that, deep down, many of us dream about.

Healthy Places to Work

We’ve all experienced the typical dysfunctions of the modern workplace. Be it short-term decisions intended to save money that drag the organisation down and alienate people or a culture where rules and numbers mean more than the needs of the staff, customers, or workplace communities.

A healthy workplace welcomes everyone’s contribution and focuses on working together on a shared purpose that matters. When we’re powerful in a healthy way, everyone involved is better off and more capable of accomplishing their goals.

Thriving and Resilient Communities

The various crises of today - the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, income inequality, and social justice - each directly impacts every community. The communities that are best able to respond, and even thrive in the midst of rapid change, are those which have taken the time to develop strong local institutions, a web of healthy relationships, and a culture of mutual aid.

Get our support to organise around the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, to take up the powerful practice of Neighborocracy, or just to get clear with your community about the sort of life you want to be able to live together.

Why You Should Join Us

We are a growing community of practical people, with decades of experience in doing what works in our neighbourhoods (and neighbourhoods around the world). 

In this community we offer:

  • Courses on starting and running Neighbourhood Parliaments with specific and practical to-do lists that take you through the whole process;
  • Courses on Sociocracy and high-integrity leadership;
  • Support for setting up and running your local group from the people who have led communities, written the books, and trained thousands of community organisers;
  • A chance to support other people like you, and to ask for exactly the help you need;

Most importantly, this is where our movement is coming together to organise and make a difference. We can't wait to have you join us!

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for doing everything you're already doing to make the world a better place. 

We are here to build a healthy world, and we couldn't do it without people like you around the world - and most importantly, right next door.

Want to do it together?

Let's get started!